Hannah draws Leah’s blood for Leah’s preliminary tests. She tells Leah that she and Sean were engaged, but had to put their wedding plans on hold when her sister got cancer. Hannah also admits that she still loves Sean and unbeknown to her, he hears the entire conversation.

As Ash waits in position for Brax, a mysterious stranger tries barge into Angelo’s. When Kyle turns him away, the stranger remarks how cute baby Casey is. Later, the stranger makes a phone call and says he’s keeping an eye on her – referring to Ricky.

When Ricky heads to the beach, the stranger says hi and on edge, she confronts Kyle about Brax’s transfer and he confesses Brax will break out. At first Ricky is livid, but admits to Kyle that if she needs to, she will go on the run with her man.

Brax has a brawl with Gunno and as the guards separate them, Brax is put in a police car ready to be transferred. As Brax is riding in the transfer car, a black pick-up truck crashes into him, plunging the car into water…