Ayesha’s feeling ill and bails on Hayden’s night out, so he attempts to organise drinks with his other colleagues. He manages to persuade Howard, who invites Al, who invites Jimmi. They end up having a good time – Al and Hayden begin to bond and Howard decides to take on Al’s new App as a business project.

Later, Hayden puts his foot in it with Al by thinking he’s Heston. Al’s upset Hayden could’ve thought that – and Hayden’s upset Al’s taken it so badly!

Ryan is released from prison and, when he gets home, he discovers Jimmi talking to Shawna. Earlier that day, Ryan told Jimmi he has only months to live and he tries to coax Ryan into telling his wife the truth. Ryan tells Shawna about the cancer, and she asks Jimmi to leave, prompting him to retreat into himself further. Jimmi won’t talk to anyone about his problems.