Jack’s going for the permanent post of head teacher at Waterloo Road – but he’s up against the fiercely ambitious Lyndsay Woodham, who seems determined to scupper his chances. When Jack’s interview goes badly, it looks like his days as head are numbered. And it doesn’t help that the governors love Lyndsay.

Elsewhere, Dale Baxter keeps playing truant from school and, as head of pastoral care, it’s up to Kim to find out why. She’s thrilled when Dale enjoys his drama lesson but after a disastrous English class with Lorna, he runs out of school again. But Lorna provides Kim with information that could help Dale.

Later, over an after-hours drink, Jack announces that he and Davina have moved in together. Everyone is happy for them – except Steph, who’s not impressed. Then Lorna dampens the party mood with some news of her own.