Mercedes wakes up next to Warren, but insists that last night’s encounter was meaningless and just the result of too much drink. Later, Warren is forced to sneak Mercedes out of the flat when a loved up Calvin and Louise make a surprise appearance. But Calvin worries when he receives a poison pen letter filled with some nasty information about Louise…

As Jacqui’s wedding day looms, she gets a visit from Davey who tells her she has no choice but to go through with it. Meanwhile, a gutted Tony is toasting his future as a single man with Dominic, when John-Paul hints that Jacqui might have good reason for getting married. Shocked, Dominic decides to take action and locks Tony in Il Gnosh to keep him away from the wedding. Elsewhere, the McQueens gather at the Registry Office.

Desperate to sort things out with Malachy, Kris confesses that he’s bisexual, but Malachy doesn’t take it very well, and spits at his brother’s feet before storming off. Jessica chucks a gutted Kris a pair of heels and urges him to confront his brother, and Kris finally tells Malachy exactly who he is.

Russ smells a rat with Mercedes when he apologises to her for staying out the night before and she doesn’t seem to mind.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday April 19*