Does Jett have a girlfriend?

When John receives a phone call saying Jett’s not at school, he’s gutted. John leaves work to find Jett, and as he comes up to the house he spies him with the girl from the dance. They’re flirting, and Jett has his first kiss. Later, John asks Jett about his day and Jett admits he wagged school. John’s happy that Jett is honest with him.

A concerned Spencer probes about Rosie’s condition, but Sasha is evasive – he still doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Maddy clocks Spencer’s interest and becomes jealous. Rosie’s upset when she mistakenly believes Sasha told Spencer and storms out of class. Later, Rosie tells Spencer she’s pregnant and Zac overhears.

Sid tells Rosie she has options, and Rosie realises she has to face some big questions about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Maddy thinks Spencer’s moved on with Rosie, but Roo tells her she dumped Spencer and she needs to move on.

Sid and Sasha tell Natalie that Rosie stormed out of class, and Natalie is once again infuriated that Zac did not contact her. She accuses him of only wanting to be popular with the kids, since he’s not qualified to deal with these situations. He tells her she’s just upset about being left out.