Does Kerry think Dan’s a mug?

The problem with Dan Spencer is that you don’t know whether to like him, dislike him, pity him or laugh at him. He’s had all four reactions from the villagers since he moved to Emmerdale – but it’s the reaction he’s getting from Kerry that he’s focusing on right now. She’s still getting back on her feet after being knocked off them by Adam and Robbie in Cain’s car and Dan’s the only person who will give her the time of day – or share a coffee with her. There’s absolutely no sign of the word ‘mug’ on Dan’s forehead, but he’s sure behaving like one…

Rhona’s behaving strangely… That’s because Vanessa has signed her up to a support group for her addiction to painkillers. Rhona’s nervous about baring her soul to strangers, but Paddy doesn’t get it… Well, he wouldn’t, would he? He thinks Rhona’s going to a Pilates class and, at a stretch, might feel a bit self-conscious about her flabby bits, but not nervous and jumpy.

Adam feels guilty when he sees Kerry, his hit-and-run casualty. Not guilty enough to own up, though…just guilty enough not to be able to look her in the eye. Mind you, even a hard man like Cain might hesitate if he had to confess to hard-faced Kerry that he’d run her over and run off.