When Kylie’s cagey about an official sounding call a suspicious Gail dials 1471. Discovering it was social services she tells David there’s something going on that Kylie doesn’t want him to know about. David doesn’t think there is anything to worry about, but decides to call social services himself in case they have made a mistake. He is stunned to hear that they have been trying to contact her about plans to put Max up for adoption which will be decided at a hearing tomorrow. David is fuming and confronts Kylie.

Amber’s been out all night clubbing with Tommy, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sunita. Amber appeals to her forgiving side and urges her not to tell Dev and she agrees. But when Amber shows up late for her shift at the shop, Sunita feels let down and tells Dev her secret.

When a burst main causes a flood at Marc’s house, Audrey asks him to stay at hers temporarily while the repairs are done.

Also, having suffered his own share of setbacks Nick offers a despondent Becky an interview for a job at the Bistro; Steve desperately tries to track down Tracy.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

David is in shock and can’t believe Kylie could be so heartless as to not want her own child. But Gail is suspicious and seeing through Kylie’s tough front, she pushes for the truth.

An emotional Kylie admits she loves Max, but she’s only ever let him down, believing she isn’t fit to be a mother. Finding herself comforting Kylie, Gail encourages that her circumstances have changed; she has a home and a husband to support her. Kylie starts to see things in a new light.

Amber’s keen for her dad to know she didn’t sleep with Tommy, just stayed out late and so drags him back to the Alahan’s to explain. Dev’s still unimpressed, and shocked by her lies he imposes a curfew, claiming if she doesn’t like it she can go back to university. Petulant, Amber stuns Dev with some news of her own.

Also, Nick offers a flirtatious but professional Becky a waitressing job at the Bistro; Chris is awkward as Maria and Cheryl grow closer.