Does Lauren know more than she’s letting on?

Jack gets a call from the police and learns his fingerprints are on the car steering wheel. Jack assures a suspicious Tanya that the prints were from a driving lesson he gave Darren. Tanya is questioned by Keeble about the other injuries on Max’s body, but she keeps her silence. Later, Tanya is stunned when Lauren breaks down on her and claims she knows who ran over Max…

Stacey is secretly troubled about Callum and confides in Danielle that Callum has strange scars on his legs. Callum overhears Stacey and Danielle talking about him and Stacey realises she needs to explain. Callum jokes to Stacey that he was attacked by a tiger, but eventually confesses that he was involved in a motorbike accident.

Sean is suspicious when Archie apologises for interfering and says he’s impressed that Sean is just trying to support Roxy and the baby. Archie is clearly up to something and he invites Jean and Charlie for lunch and digs for dirt on Sean. Archie is disappointed when Jean and Charlie defend him. Later, an under pressure Sean agrees to accept a loan from Archie for a flat.

Also, Ben is upset about having to move to Suzy’s and spends time with a sympathetic Shirley.

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