As Peter appears in court charged with murder he’s remanded in custody. Struggling to make sense of it all Carla visits Peter and is shocked to realise Peter doesn’t remember killing Frank, but confessed as he thought he was saving her. Back on the street no one’s seen Anne. Worried, Sally calls at the house where she finds a broken Anne going through Frank’s belongings – something is missing, but Sally can’t put her finger on it.

Leanne’s also confused when she bumps into Howard on the street – Peter’s mentor from the support group – who reveals Peter turned up at his house drunk on the night Frank was killed. Peter has an alibi – he’s innocent and Leanne’s furious.

Having taken orders Kylie heads to the school gates armed with bags of chips. Her wares are going down a storm, but when Brian spots what’s going on he marches over. A struggle breaks out ending with an unimpressed Brian covered in mushy peas!

Determined to pay his own way Lewis returns to the Bistro and asks Nick for his old job back. Rushed off his feet Nick agrees. Gail’s horrified and as Audrey feigns outrage we sense she’s loving their secret.

Also, Sunita’s fed up with a less than attentive Dev.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Alarm bells ringing, Carla asks Peter plainly if he killed Frank. She’s appalled as he admits he can’t say for sure and demands to know why he confessed. As Peter admits he did it to save her Carla’s horrified that he’s thrown his life away. But with Stella having talked sense into Leanne, she goes to the police station to reveal Peter’s alibi. Meanwhile, as Sally consoles Anne, she suddenly realises what’s missing from Frank’s personal effects: his watch.

As Kylie and Brian’s feud continues Brian threatens Kylie with taking Max out of school if her unruly behaviour continues. But refusing to back down Kylie retorts she’ll take Max out of school herself. David is stunned.

As Karl heads to the casino, to collect his lost wallet and have another flutter, he invites Sunita along. He’s flirty as he outlines what a great night they could have, but Sunita declines. However, after covering for Karl with Stella she’s disappointed to return home to a snoring Dev.

Also, Lewis is desperate to prove himself to Audrey.