Does Lucas have serious health issues?

Vanessa’s thrilled that Patrick’s getting better and Lucas is reluctant to tell her about his own health scare. Karl does a full health check and finds a lump – worst case scenario, this could be testicular cancer. Karl wants to do more tests and urges Lucas to tell Vanessa as he may need her support, but Vanessa’s enthusiasm about their future makes Lucas keep his problems to himself.

Pete injures himself at the bar and needs a few stitches at the hospital. While there, he meets Georgia and falls for her. Georgia is spending her birthday at home until Kate convinces her to join her, Chris and Kyle for a party at Charlie’s. But when she arrives, her anxieties overwhelm her and she backs out and heads home. Kate tells the others Georgia’s been called into work but when Kyle turns up at the hospital with a birthday cake, he realises he’s been lied to.

Lou offers his grandson some advice over how to win Kate, so Mason prepares her a collection of Sophie’s latest musical compositions, impressing her with his thoughtfulness. In return she invites him to Georgia’s celebration and, when the others back out, she and Mason spend a pleasant evening together. Mason seems to be making progress but that night he receives an unexpected visitor as Rhiannon, a former girlfriend, arrives in Ramsay Street.