When Marcus offers to cook Kirk another meal, Kirk thinks Marcus has got the hots for him. Kirk tells Marcus that much as he enjoyed their dinner, he doesn’t fancy him. Marcus assures Kirk he needn’t worry.

Tyrone’s cold towards Kirsty as he clears up after her rampage. Eileen tells Tommy how she heard Tyrone and Kirsty rowing. Tommy drags Tyrone out for a drink and tells him how Eileen heard the row. But Tyrone doesn’t confide in Tommy about Kirsty’s abuse.

Having spent the night in a B&B, Peter tells Simon they’re going on an adventure together. Back on the street, Ken and Leanne report Simon missing as Peter begs Carla to give him another chance. Carla points out he tried to persuade Leanne to have him back. Peter promises it was only an attempt to get Simon back and he’s never stopped loving her. Carla and Peter make up but she’s shocked when Peter tells her his plans to flee the country with Simon.

Also, Rob and Eva go on a date, Anna throws a barbeque to celebrate the end of Faye’s bullying trauma and Owen promises he has faith in Izzy’s ability to be a good mother.