Calvin agrees to cover for Mercedes whilst she goes back to the hospital. When she returns, Malachy tells her that his mum has asked him to go back to Ireland, and they argue. Mercedes confides in Calvin that the hospital has lost her blood sample and when she returns home Malachy has laid out a picnic to apologise. Mercedes becomes frustrated and says she won’t be able to forgive him if her test comes back positive.

Steph and Frankie bump into Loretta who tells them her B&B has no hot water. So Steph invites her back to their house. Jake comes home and tells Steph to tidy up, making her feel uncomfortable.

Loretta invites Frankie to one of the pole dancing classes, when Frankie begins to choke. Loretta saves her and Jake is so grateful he offers to take Loretta away to Paris. Steph tells her mum that she thinks things are moving too quickly, but as Loretta attempts to leave, Frankie invites her to stay with them.

Also; Holly tells Cindy that she wants to go to the private school Harry goes too. When Cindy realises that Tony will be paying for the tuition fees she tells him he must do the same for Holly. But Tony stands firm.

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