Does Michael want Donna – or Connie?

Continuing to impress Connie, Michael suggests carrying out a difficult operation on a patient, which he pioneered in the US. When the surgery goes well, Connie suggests they go for a drink to celebrate. But when Michael asks her to continue the celebrations at his place, Connie turns him down and Michael ends up sleeping with Donna instead.

Faye is quizzed by the police after arsenic is found in ex-husband Donald’s remains. When Jac tells Joseph that the police suspect Donald was poisoned, Joseph visits Donald’s son Carl, who’s certain that Faye killed Donald and taunts Joseph for sleeping with a black widow. Although Joseph is suspicious, he believes that Faye is innocent.

Elsewhere, Maddy confides in Linden that she’s upset that Clifford has left for good. Maddy is surprised when an unusually sympathetic Linden sends her on leave.

Also, Mark’s missing Chrissie.