Does Mo have the hots for Jesse?

Mo has a tough time this week when one of her young patients, Cassie, is readmitted as her transplanted lungs are being rejected by her body. Mo pulls out all the stops to find new organs to save Cassie’s life, but a second transplant operation starts going terribly wrong.

Jesse’s the anaesthetist on the op and his coolness helps Mo cope with the crisis. Afterwards they congratulate each other on being a dream team, and Jonny teases Mo that he senses a sexual frisson between the pair.

Mo denies there’s a spark but she does ask Jesse to come for a drink after work. She’s disappointed when he turns her down, especially when she then sees him greeting a girl with a kiss. Does Mo like Jesse more than she’ll admit?

Meanwhile, Fleur and Michael go head-to-head in a race to diagnose a patient who keeps arresting. But when Fleur’s ex-girlfriend arrives on Keller, it throws Fleur off kilter. And soon it transpires that Fleur and Michael are not just in competition professionally, but personally too…

Also, Serena is struggling with the deterioration in her mother’s condition, particularly as Adrienne no longer recognises her. Can a war veteran in a pimped-up mobility scooter help bring them together?