Does Mrs Tembe believe Josh is reformed?

A nervous Mrs Tembe greets Josh awkwardly when he turns up, as arranged, at her tea room. Josh is just as nervous and admits he nearly didn’t come at all but Mrs Tembe is firm; now that he’s here, he’d best tell her everything about his rape conviction or he’ll never see her again. Josh reveals how he ambushed a woman in a darkened car park and was arrested the next week. When that happened, he confessed to two further rapes. 

Mrs Tembe’s disgust only grows but Josh is adamant he’s come to see the error of his ways through therapy and, most importantly, he’ll never do it again. Although unsure, Mrs Tembe says it’s integral that a Christian believes in forgiveness, and vows to do her best to be Josh’s friend. But when Josh tries to express his gratitude by taking her hand, Mrs Tembe shies away and leaves, shamefaced. Will she ever believe Josh is reformed?

To make up for the abortive attempt at spontaneity yesterday, Rob’s rented a flash vintage car for the day and drives Karen out to the Lickey Hills, where he’s prepared a luxury picnic for them both. Rob plays a mixtape but when a Specials song comes on, Karen wonders if it’s a secret message, did they get married too young? But Rob reassures her and when their wedding song comes they recreate their first dance together as man and wife.

Also, Mandy helps out a teenage girl who has a problem with a boyfriend who doesn’t respect the sanctity of their sex life.