Mrs Tembe hides behind the reception desk when Gordon arrives at The Mill prompting Karen to ask questions. She teases Mrs Tembe all day until she admits Gordon said he liked her – and she also likes him! Karen asks her then what the problem is? Mrs Tembe waits for him to return and ask her out, but he is called away on an emergency. Mrs Tembe hides her disappointment from Karen.  

Heston invites Zara to lunch to get her to open up about why she’s being more confrontational than usual. She admits Daniel hurt her when he slept with Cherry and she can’t trust him again after shaking Joe. Heston urges her to consider what’s best for Joe, and to try and let Daniel be a good father. He also suggests she give Howard a chance; he couldn’t have coped without him over the last few months. Zara considers his advice.

Also, Al is determined to follow his new diet ap,p but skinny baguette wielding waiters and chocolate bearing relationship gurus truly put his dedication to the test!