Does Mrs Tembe have staff support?

It’s Mrs Tembe’s first day as acting Practice Manager but in her efforts to impress, she manages to do the opposite and antagonise her colleagues, especially Karen who dislikes Mrs Tembe pulling rank. Kevin puts a spanner in the works when he announces there’s a re-accreditation of the surgery next week but Heston’s sure there’s been a mistake and sets to uncover the truth.

After being AWOL for most of the day, Mrs Tembe returns to a dejected Heston who has confirmed the news that there is to be an inspection of the surgery next week. Mrs Tembe tries to raises his spirits but to no avail; in this state they are doomed.

Freya and Mandy delight in mocking Chimmi, who have decided to make the most of their lunchtime and go running in suitably sporty attire. However, things don’t go to plan when Jimmi is attacked by a patient. Cherry is somewhat relieved that this could be the last time they go running but to her dismay Jimmi can’t wait to go again!

Also, an overprotective mum blames Mrs Tembe when her son goes AWOL, but Mrs Tembe soon discovers a dark side to their relationship.