Does Niamh have Al’s full support?

Niamh worries about the Partners Meeting, which will decide her future at the Practice. The Partners are split but after hearing from Niamh they agree to support her and arrange an Emergency Medicine refresher course where they can all brush up on their skills and also assess Niamh at the same time. Niamh is relieved but Al quietly thinks it’s the wrong decision.

Valerie is doing face painting at an event where foster children are introduced to potential adoptive parents. Her gay friend Careg hits it off with a young girl, Dusty, who has a serious medical condition. The girl’s foster parent, Celia, is keen until she finds out that Careg is gay and puts him off adopting Dusty.

Valerie accuses her of discrimination but Celia confesses she’s just finding it difficult to give Dusty up. She goes to see Careg, who then puts in an enquiry about adopting Dusty.