Does Nicola have amnesia?

Steve is still worried about the influence Nicola will have on his marriage to Miranda and tries to persuade his wife that she will still have feelings for him after she regains consciousness. Meanwhile, Nicola wakes from her coma but only recognises Miranda, and Karl diagnoses amnesia. The Parkers try to coax back Nicola’s memory, but Bridget doubts that Nicola’s amnesia is for real.

When Toadie tries to take Callum to visit Nicola, it becomes clear just how much Callum fears hospitals. In a bid to hep Callum overcome his fears, Toadie suggests they bring Bronte along with them for the visit. But his plan backfires when Nicola doesn’t even remember her own dog, leaving Callum even more traumatised.

As Libby continues to give Dan the cold shoulder after his efforts to fix their relationship failed, he decides to buy one of Lucas’s photos to win her back. Dan realises he can’t pretend that Libby’s previous relationship with Lucas doesn’t bother him. He opens up to Libby and is finally honest with her about his feelings for Lucas. But is it enough to win Libby back?

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