With Ste and Noah moving to Newcastle tomorrow, Brendan tells them he wants to be the bigger man and invites the pair of them out for a drink. He insists it’s time to bury the hatchet and tells them he accepts they are a couple. However, the night takes a dramatic turn when Ste catches Noah having a passionate late night dip with Ste lookalike Sean!

A spoilt Sinead struggles with life as a squatter while Bart endeavors to keep her spirits up, even though he is also concerned about their situation. Back in the village, a frustrated Jason finally discovers a clue to the young lovers’ whereabouts – a picture of the couple at a fairground on Facebook. He quickly informs Diane and she immediately sets out to bring her daughter home.

Ruby has her first tutoring session with Pete and misreads his encouragement.

Also; Seth attempts to get Ruby into Chez Chez with the promise of a date if he succeeds…