Does Olivia want Hunter back?

At The Diner, Lindsay torments Olivia about her upcoming ‘date’ with Hunter, and when Lindsay takes things a step too far, Olivia raises her hand to slap her, but VJ gets in her way. Shaken by the ordeal, Lindsay lies to Hunter and claims that Olivia is flirting with random men in The Diner. Still fuming after their encounter, Olivia confides in Skye that she wants Hunter back.

Meanwhile, Nate is turning into the groom from hell. He’s obsessed with his upcoming wedding to Ricky and won’t talk about anything else. Leah advises Ricky to talk to Nate but she soon loses her temper and Nate is unsure if she wants to get married.

Kyle notices something’s not right with Isla when she snatches her bag off him. When he returns home, he finds Isla’s phone with messages about tonight’s ‘job’ as well an evacuation plan for Reefton Lakes Tavern. Kyle figures out exactly what’s going on, but Isla’s plan is already in action, as she puts a gun to a staff member’s head.