Does Phil know Jane’s secret?

Phil has hold of Jane, refusing to let her answer the door to Keeble. When Sharon then turns up and Jane doesn’t answer the door, Sharon is worried. With Keeble and Sharon gone, Phil lets go of Jane, shocking her as he claims he knows who killed Lucy. When Phil makes it clear he thinks it was her, Jane can’t hide her relief. Realising there’s something else going on, Phil works out that it was Bobby!

Angry that Jane was willing to let Ben go down for Lucy’s murder, Phil insists she tell the truth about Bobby. Seeing Jane’s distress, Phil agrees to keep the secret, as long as Jane joins Ian in Kent. Outside, Phil clears the air with Sharon. Watching them is Gavin…

When Charlie arrives with flowers Ronnie tries to put him first for Matthew’s sake, full of guilt for what she’s just done with Vincent. Meanwhile, Vincent heads home for the family photo with Kim and Pearl. Knowing about Vincent and Ronnie, when Kim is out of earshot, Claudette warns Vincent to be careful.

Also, Linda and Nancy have a heart to heart as it’s been almost a year since Dean attacked her. Linda is chuffed when Nancy agrees to go on holiday with her.