Does Phoebe have feelings for Ash?

After spending the night together, Denny and Ash decide to have a no strings attached relationship. Afterwards, Denny lets slip that Phoebe encouraged her to give him another chance, so Ash confronts Phoebe about her feelings for him. Later, Phoebe offers to help look after baby Casey.

Casey won’t stop crying and Ricky is fragile as she keeps reliving the moment Brax first met his son. Later, Kyle comes home to find Casey alone crying and Ricky in despair. Kyle texts Phoebe to tell her they have Casey for the night and Denny is excited to have Ash coming over. However, both plans are scrapped, when Ash and Phoebe are locked inside the stockroom.

Kat is in line for a promotion, but she is brought down to Earth with a bump, when she sees provocative pictures of herself posted around the Bay. She immediately confronts Billie who plays innocent. Nate tells Billie that her actions are below the belt, but she later breaks into Nate’s and steals his phone.