Phoebe tries to help Vincent any way she can and leads him away from the police to the McQueens and gives him money. However, what she really wants is for him to stay with her. He’s surprised to hear about her time on the streets, while Phoebe realises she has feelings for the run-away.

The realisation that Diane will have three babies to look after hits Sinead and she worries she will get lumbered after all. Sinead begs Tony to stick around and help them raise the babies, but there’s something in Tony’s eyes that suggests maybe he won’t be around forever… He can’t take it anymore and confides in Darren – he has testicular cancer!

Patrick and Cindy rush to the club following a call from Holly and it’s clear how much Patrick cares for Maxine – he can’t lose her. A groggy Maxine wakes up and tells Patrick what he’s been waiting to hear – she loves him.