Phoebe is suspicious when Robbie tells her he’s going to Nancy’s revision classes in the school holidays. She suspects that Robbie has a crush on their teacher.

After talking with Sinead, Joe can tell she’s completely clueless about her condition and tells Lindsey he thinks Sinead is lying. Lindsey doesn’t want to believe him, but Sandy decides to help Joe get some answers. They access Sinead’s medical records and find out that she is not HIV positive. Lindsey is delighted that she’s in the clear, but Joe is furious.

Tony is trying to impress some food critics so that the restaurant gets a good review, but they’re interrupted when Ste and Finn start to fight and Finn reveals that he caught Ste taking drugs in the kitchen. Later, JP is shocked when Ste confesses to murdering Fraser. Ste returns to The Hutch and Tony regretfully tells Ste that he’s buying him out of the business.

Ste turns up at The McQueen’s and invites John Paul for dinner at The Hutch. JP pales when he sees Finn is working there but he stands up to his abuser, leaving Finn unnerved. Finn catches Ste with cocaine in The Hutch kitchen. John Paul is terrified when a rock is thrown through the McQueen’s window.