Does Rosa know who killed the vicar’s wife?

When Reverend Jacob Thwaite returns home to find his wife, Louise, dead in the kitchen, police and forensics come to investigate. Jacob tells DS Rachel Dawson that he was with Terry Thorne at the time his wife was attacked, and Terry confirms his alibi to Pc Rob Walker.

Meanwhile, Rosa Briers (Trudie Goodwin, former star of The Bill) and Ivy Green check into the Aidensfield Arms and tell Gina that they are in Aidensfield to hold a séance. After Louise’s memorial service, Rosa and Ivy offer to help police with their enquiries. As Jacob leaves the church is spots Ivy and fixes his glance.

That evening, the séance is underway at the village hall when Rosa becomes possessed and starts speaking to the audience in Louise’s voice. Rosa reveals where the murder weapon is hidden, but before she can identify the murderer, Rosa faints dramatically. Later, Dawson and Walker find the murder weapon in some undergrowth.

The following day, Gina overhears Jacob arguing with Rosa and Ivy in their room. Gina suspects that the women are blackmailing Jacob. Is there more to their relationship than meets the eye?

Also, Pc Younger worries that his career could be in jeopardy when his father is brought into the police station for being drunk and disorderly; and Peggy ropes David into her bizarre plan to catch 200 fish – using explosives!