Does Sandy know Jack?

Darren spies the cables fuelling the garage, resulting in a tussle between him and Joe. Sandy takes Joe to The Dog to apologise and is shocked when she sees Jack – it seems these two know each other, but how?

Vincent grows increasingly concerned for Phoebe’s whereabouts when he realises where Phoebe must be and, along with George, begs Ste to help them find Trevor. Trevor is about to torture Phoebe, but George and Vincent arrive just in time. He lets Phoebe and George go, but he’s keeping hold of Vincent until they bring him Jacqui – they have 48 hours.

Dr. Browning finds a wreath on his door step with a label ‘RIP Lynsey.’ And it’s clear he’s being haunted by thoughts of the nurse. He confronts Mercedes, certain she’s behind these games. She reassures him otherwise but when she tells him Myra knows the truth, he decides his mother-in-law is to blame.

Cindy seduces Ziggy when he comes into Price Slice and he asks her out. She’s just about to leave for her date when Tony surprises her with a ‘thank you’ meal and she can’t let him down; Lindsey returns to the Roscoe’s ashen faced and confides in Freddie that she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t know if she wants to keep it.