Does Sid want a new mentor?

Zara speaks to Sid, after hearing that a patient called him an idiot. When Sid admits the patient was slightly right, Zara isn’t surprised. Sid tells Heston that he finds him easier to talk to than Zara.

Ayesha deals with a single mother, Claire, who is struggling with her new baby and young son. She discovers that Claire’s former husband was arrested for abusing children, and Claire has turned to alcohol to forget her problems. Ayesha is gentle, she knows it’s been tough but she has no choice but to inform social services.

Al drives to Wales to meet Jimmi’s friend Bryn. He takes Al to a barn in the middle of nowhere that he and Jimmi used to go to as kids and they find Jimmi. He revels in the depths to which he has sunk, returning to a place he hates and Bryn now agrees with Al that Jimmi is in a dark place. Jimmi sleeps on the floor, as Al settles down for an uncomfortable night.