Does Sun Hill care that Phil’s leaving?

It’s DS Phil Hunter’s last day at Sun Hill and he’s disappointed that his colleagues appear to be too busy to notice. He feels dejected when CID half-heartedly wave him off but he’s pleased when he and DI Samantha Nixon have a heart to heart. As Phil turns to take one last look at Sun Hill he gets a nice surprise…

Sergeant Stone and Pc Diane Noble are trying to control crowds outside a blazing crack den and Diane learns that addict Billy McLoughlin was with her in the army. New boy Pc Nathaniel Roberts begins flirting with two girls, Carly and Alisha, who say they saw Tam McGuiness threaten Billy with a knife.

Nate is delighted when he spots Tam – but Pc Emma Keane steals his thunder. Later, Billy and girlfriend Amy admit that when Tam suggested Amy could clear her debts by working as a prostitute, Billy threatened him with a knife. And it soon becomes apparent that Diane isn’t safe from Billy either.

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