Does Terese have a case against Ezra?

Terese arrives home to discover that Brad has been suspended thanks to Clem, Ezra Hanley’s son. She approaches Ezra, who goads her with the news that Brad and Lauren have been seeing a lot of each other. Later, when Terese and Brad learn from Nate that Ezra bribed Clem with expensive trading cards, Terese wonders if there is more to this situation than they first thought.

When Lauren finds a note from Amber saying she needed some time alone, Daniel asks Imogen to report Hermoine stolen. When the police discover the car at a beachside suburb, Daniel takes off, leaving Imogen feeling used. Daniel finds Amber and tells her he loves her, regardless of who the father of her child turns out to be. Their privacy is disturbed by the arrival of Josh and, when the boys argue again, Amber throws them out. But when Josh returns to make sure she’s okay she suddenly collapses.

Sheila thinks the only way to fight Ezra’s redevelopment plans is by winning over Ezra’s confidence. So she suggests that Nate insult her to convince Ezra they hate each other. Their ruse works and Ezra reveals he intends to start redevelopment on the bar next week and geriatrics like Sheila will have no place there.