Tony worries about the idea of him and Jacqui bringing up Mercedes’ baby, but ends up finding himself admitting to Jacqui that it’s the perfect solution. Mercedes is left speechless when Jacqui approaches her with the proposition.

After Tina confides to Jacqui that she is being bullied at work, Jacqui furiously spills the beans to Dom. This leads a worried Dom to confront Pete, but he ends up flattered by Pete’s glowing depiction of Tina. Convinced Pete is a good guy, Dom is later shocked when Tina reveals how Pete has sexually harassed her. But when Dom accuses her of overreacting, it’s the final straw.

Zoe dumps Darren when he chooses gambling over her, but undeterred, Darren goes gambling again with Jessica. High on booze and winnings, the pair are unable to resist each other yet again and end up at Darren’s place.

Meanwhile, Zoe confesses to Kris that she doesn’t want anyone else but Darren, and goes off to find him. Although Zoe is surprised to discover Jessica at Darren’s, he finds an excuse to get out of the situation.

Also, Jake is jealous of Nancy and Russ’ closeness as they prepare for her first day at work.