Dom gives Tina an ultimatum

Overexcited by the news that Tina is pregnant, Jacqui is already thinking of baby names and schools. Tony is terrified at what Dom will say, and his fears are realised when the doctor confirms the news that Tina is pregnant. A horrified Dom then gives Tina an ultimatum: it’s either him or the baby.

Increasingly uncomfortable at Jake’s attitude towards Nancy, Russ worries when Nancy defends Jake’s dismissive comments about her sketches. Meanwhile, Jake is unimpressed when Nancy gets a call from the college Dean, wanting her to come in, and their defeatist attitudes make Russ realise that Jake is manipulating Nancy. And when Nancy discovers her name has been cleared, Jake convinces her not to return to college.

Later, Hannah and Russ are concerned when Nancy fails to show up for a drink, and learn that Jake is taking Nancy for a sudden holiday to the Peak District.

Carmel worries about her fitness test to get into the police force. Mercedes, however, is so dismissive of Carmel’s ability she even bets Calvin drinks at The Dog that Carmel will fail the test. Carmel announces she passed, but later reveals to Calvin that in reality, she was too scared to look at her test results.

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