Dom is back!

After returning to Summer Bay, Drew and Belle worry about what’s happened to Dom, but keep it a secret. Belle tells Drew about kissing Dom and Drew takes the news badly. They make up and fall asleep in each other’s arms when Dom appears in Belle’s bedroom…

Dan is frustrated that Leah is avoiding discussing his job offer and their possible move to America and they argue about it. Leah is happy with her life in the Bay and confides her reservations to Sally. Ryan overhears their conversation and is upset but doesn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Leah has a change of heart after a chat with Colleen and starts to think a new life in the US would be a great opportunity. Dan is excited when Leah tells him she thinks they should go to America, but hurt and angry Ryan refuses. America is too far from his mum and Belle. Is relocating to the USA off the agenda?

Also, Geoff plays in front of the selectors for the chance to make it into one of the city teams for next season. He plays a brilliant game, scores the winning points, and makes the team.

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