Riddled with guilt and unable to find a way of breaking Tina’s surrogacy news to Dom, Tony advises Tina against telling him until she is actually pregnant. Unable to keep a secret, Tina comes clean to Dom. Furious, Dom insists Tina must abort the child if she falls pregnant. When Tina refuses to listen, an upset Dom confronts Tony and ends up hitting him.

Meanwhile, unable to believe Beth is leaving him, Rhys tries to change her mind but Beth insists she has no choice. They are disturbed when Gilly spots an intruder in the back yard. Rhys uses the disturbance to ask Beth to run away with him instead. Beth refuses, telling Rhys that they need time away from each other. However later, when Gilly arrives with their airport taxi, Beth is nowhere to be found.

Despite Jessica feeling guilty about stealing cash from Louise, Darren insists they should use Warren’s own money to win back the pub and make amends to Jack. However, Frankie catches Darren sneaking into the Dog flat and sees the three grand, realising it is Warren’s cash. Warren chooses that moment to walk in, leaving Darren to wait and see if Frankie grasses him up.

Also, Frankie comes up with a solution to Carmel’s boob trouble.