Dom sets fire to Drew’s defence

Finding it hard to deal with Lisa’s death, Belle has mixed feelings when she learns Drew has been arrested for receiving stolen goods. Meanwhile, Jazz encourages Drew to tell police that Dom sold him the spare parts but Drew refuses to grass Dom up, and seems resigned to his fate. Jazz asks Belle to persuade Drew to tell the truth, but angry Belle refuses.

Increasingly worried about Drew’s fate, Jazz goes to the police and offers them a deal. If Drew admits knowing about the stolen parts racket, he’ll avoid jail. Although this makes Drew uneasy, Jazz makes it clear he’s got no choice. And it seems her plan is a success, when the police assure Drew he’ll escape charges once they use the stolen parts as evidence to convict the culprits. However, that night, Dom and partner in crime Ray set fire to Drew’s car at the garage, destroying the evidence that would have exonerated Drew.

Grieving over Lisa’s death, Lucas gets his feelings out on paper. Fisher ends up accidentally reading Lucas’s writing and reassures him that he has done the right thing by drawing on his own life to nuture his writing talent.

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