Dom wants answers from Alicia

*Second episode*

Knowing Alicia’s been lying to him, Dom wants answers. Backed into a corner she admits she quit her job as she couldn’t handle planning David’s wedding. Begging Dom to believe there’s nothing between her and David, she suggests they look for a place away from the village. Dom later warns David to back off as it’s his job to look out for Alicia.

Pollard’s almost got Joanie to agree to let Amy see Kyle occasionally when he realises Amy and the car have gone – and so has Kyle. Joanie loses it and is about to call the police when Amy returns with the little boy. Swiping him out of Amy’s arms, Joanie’s furious. Pollard takes Amy home and is stung when she blames him for everything. Later, she tells Andy she wishes she’d taken Kyle while she had the chance.

Moira forges ahead with the sale of the farm and makes headway in getting Cain out of the way. When she hears Debbie’s taking Sarah out of school for a bit to get away, Moira encourages Cain to go with them.