Dom wants to know who’s pregnant!

Dom’s stunned when he finds a pregnancy test kit in his rubbish bin. He can only think of one person who would have put it there and he angrily confronts his number one suspect: teenage daughter Gemma. The poor girl looks as guilty as if she’d actually been caught peeing on the stick (which she could have been because the test is hers), but Alicia comes to her rescue, saying it’s hers. That doesn’t really make Dom any less anxious, though and now he wants a word with Alicia!

Social Services want a word with Debbie about the report they’ve had that she’s a bad mother. The truth is: Debbie loves her kids to bits but she has lost her way ever since Cameron broke her heart. She hasn’t lost her family, though and the Dingles work as a team to prepare Debbie’s house for the visit from Social Services. Looking good’s one thing, but sounding good is something else – and the social worker wants to hear from Sarah, who has seen more than any little girl should have seen.

Chas can see a future for her and Cameron as owners of The Woolpack. Diane’s willing to sell Chas her share – but Chas needs backing – from a bank and from Cameron… And neither is a done deal.