Michelle Holmes (Life Begins, The Chase) and Hugo Speer (Echo Beach, Five Days) guest star as Eileen and Vic Needham, a couple known to the Ashfordly constabulary for their massive marital bust-ups. They usually kiss and make up but, this time, Vic has gone too far… Now it’s divorce – and Pc Joe Mason finds himself in the middle of it!

Vic has trashed Eileen’s heirlooms and she retaliates by hiring man-eating divorce lawyer Sylvia Swinton (Samantha Bond – Outnumbered). Sylvia persuades Eileen to take out an injunction against Vic, even though he wants to sort out their marriage problems. That’s like a red rag to a bull and it takes all of Joe’s police powers of persuasion to keep Vic away from Eileen. It becomes clear to everyone except Eileen that Sylvia is more interested in adding another notch to her divorce post than doing what’s best for Eileen. It takes a serious accident to make the warring couple see sense – and Sylvia to see her efforts wasted.

Elsewhere, Peggy and David find they have new neighbours, Stan Bickle and daughter Josie, who park their caravan nearby. Peggy’s not impressed but David is smitten with Josie, a cunning lass who seems determined to get her feet under David’s table – and enjoys winding up Peggy with her efforts. But will they pay off?