Although she’s keen to have an intellectual conversation with Mike, discussing the finer points of Jane Eyre, Tina’s irritating crabs prove too much of a distraction for her. Meanwhile, a suspicious Dominic finds it too upsetting to speak to Tina, but finds a sympathetic ear in Tony.

Later Dominic’s anger gets the better of him and he confronts a very confused Mike about his ‘affair’ with Tina. Tina wades into the commotion and is stung and puzzled when Dominic calls her a ‘McQueen tart’.

Jessica’s confused when Zoe points out that there might be more to her rivalry with Kris than meets the eye, but later Zoe and Kris are back to their old ways when they have a huge argument about a dress.

Will’s aloof behaviour bothers Zoe, but it seems Will has Zoe right where he wants her, when the pair share a romantic evening together.

Also, Nancy’s worried about Becca’s ability to cope with baby Charlie and turns to Jake for moral support.