Don warns Amber away from Josh

Joshua can’t accept Amber breaking up with him and his passion wins her over. She later tells Chris about how she’s starting to come to terms with the secrecy of the arrangement. Amber’s taken by surprise, however, when she’s confronted by Don, who tells her he now knows about her and Josh. He warns Amber that Josh could lose everything because of her. Taking his words to heart, Amber breaks up with Josh, who’s gutted.

Mason catches Kate hiding one of the DVDs. He checks with Chris and realises it’s about a couple struggling to overcome one of them having a one-night stand. Worried this will destroy their relationship, Kyle pleads with Kate to tell Mason it was Brennan she slept with but she’s resistant.

When Mason arrives, Kate lies to him and reveals it was Brennan she slept with. Mason later opens up to Kyle, admitting the news hasn’t brought him the peace he hoped it would.

Chris is excited about a date with a new guy, but is thrown when it turns out to be Hudson – Joshua’s training partner. Hudson reveals that Don has purposely moved Josh into middle distance swimming, so as to remove any competition for Hudson.