Imogen tries to warn Amber that Josh will hardly ever have time for her. Later, Don catches Amber talking to Josh, and demands to know what’s going on and Josh lies that Amber won’t leave him alone. Amber and Josh agree to meet up later, and Amber plans a romantic picnic. Josh has to cancel at the last minute, however, and when Amber comes to find him at the pool, she’s waylaid by Don who warns Amber to stay away. Devastated to realise that Josh has been lying, Amber tells him their relationship is over.

Kate begs Paul to smooth over the rift between him and Matt. Paul decides to lower the rent Lauren pays at Harold’s, but Matt feels patronised. Mason, however, urges his father to cool his hostility towards Paul.

Matt goes to Paul, and tells him that he’s letting this one go. Meanwhile, Terese realises that she’s the one who’ll have to juggle the budget, in order to make up the shortfall created by Paul’s generosity.

Karl confronts Georgia, who explains that she told Ajay there’s no way she could replace him in the band. Karl confronts Ajay, who points out they only got the offer of the regular gig because they mixed things up by having Georgia as the lead singer.