Carl is worried when Donald has a funny turn and he offers to take him to the hospital. Donald is insistent that he’s had enough of hospitals for a lifetime and says he’ll lie down on the sofa instead. Carl calls the doctor anyway and Donald is cross but he later apologises, realising that Carl had his best interests at heart.

Pollard and Val are told by the fire officer that the electric heater may have started the fire and Pollard is relieved that it looks like an accident. Val knows nothing about the arson attempt and immediately blames Pearl for leaving the fire on and she angrily confronts her. Pollard feels guilty and confesses that Sam set the fire. A furious Val wants to go to the police, but Pollard talks her out of it.

Lisa, meanwhile, has discovered that Pollard was planning to sell the factory site for a housing development and she tells the other workers. They are furious that he could even consider it after the tragedy at the King development two years before and vow to stop him.

Also, Marlon‘s recipes are a hit with the villagers.