Donald Fisher’s back in the Bay

Sally is delighted to discover old school Principal Donald Fisher is back in town after five years away. Don reveals he has split from wife June, his ex partner Marilyn has breast cancer, and he’s also broke after a failed investment. Needing work, he asks Sally for a teaching position at Summer Bay High. After much consideration, Sally offers the job of Deputy Principal to Donald, rather than Brad.

Despite being upset that Drew is spending too much time working on his car, Belle forgives him when he surprises her with tickets to a sold-out concert from their favourite band. But Drew is sorely tempted when Dom offers him a new expensive car exhaust in return for the tickets, and finally Drew agrees to swap. Although he tries to make it up to Belle, she’s furious and Drew is forced to ask Jazz to get them replacement tickets.

Brad is frustrated that he and Sally can’t agree on the church for the wedding or the size of the event. Sally admits to Leah that she feels she did the big wedding the first time round and wants to have a smaller celebration. But Leah points out that Brad wants to make a big day of it.

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