Donald gets a surprise birthday guest

Carl gets a visit from the mysterious Anna and assumes she’s come for an interview for the PA’s job. Carl is puzzled by her knowledge of Donald but agrees when she wangles an invite to Donald’s birthday party. Carl is stunned when Anna reveals herself to be Donald’s estranged daughter. Anna tries to make her peace with Donald but he refuses to listen. Anna discovers that Carl is taking over the business and begs Donald to give her the job instead, but Donald refuses.

Katie is unnerved when Gray tries to arrange a date for the Caesarean. Katie secretly books herself in for an alternative date, earlier in July and blocks Gray from receiving further correspondence from the hospital. Katie tells Chas what she’s up to and reveals she’s giving the baby up for adoption as soon as it’s born.

Jasmine and Jake flirt with each other at Donald’s party, but she is unnerved when she sees Miles, who has returned from France. Jake rescues Jasmine from a confrontation with Miles and calls her into the kitchen. They decide that the best relationships stem from friendship and share a kiss. Miles is stunned when he sees them and confronts Jasmine, who tells him it’s none of his business any more.