Donald gets one over on Nicola

Nicola confronts Donald about ending their marriage, but he pulls out of the annulment petition and reveals he knows exactly what she’s been up to. Nicola is furious to be outwitted by an old man and confused that he doesn’t want the annulment. Donald reveals that she’s the only woman who has ever challenged him mentally and he wants to end his days with her. Nicola tells David about Donald’s ultimatum. But she points out that with her lousy nursing skills, Donald may not be long for this world!

Bob is weary of Viv’s competitive streak as they practise for the dance competition, as she is desperate to beat Terry and Diane. Viv is angry when Bob seems to have developed two left feet and she moans to the villagers. A fed up Bob quits.

Donna has a prank pulled on her at work when Shane gives her an envelope for a prisoner’s medication. Donna soon realises that it’s a wind-up and she returns and claims she’s given the Viagra to the prisoner! Shane panics until she reveals she was getting her own back.

Also, Val is diagnosed with cataracts and Jonny is secretive with a suspicious Paul to guard Val’s secret.