Donna was stunned when her half-niece Mia and Mia’s grandmother Patti were involved in a car crash, caused by Patti having a stroke. At Patti’s bedside, Donna found herself promising to take care of Mia if the worst happens.

Moments later, Patti went into cardiac arrest and died, leaving her with the decision of her life. After much soul-searching the normally carefree nurse decided to take Mia under her wing as a stand-in mother. Will she be up to the challenge?

Elsewhere, heads are turned by a fresh face at the hospital in the form of Dr George Kerman – a locum new to Holby. While George clashed with pregnant nurse Chrissie, he ends his shift taking smitten colleague Maria out for a drink.

Meanwhile, Ric is adamant that he wants a divorce from Thandie…