Donna and Marlon are holed up at the B&B with the kids, but they’re horrified to see on the news that they’re wanted for kidnap!

When the landlady makes a call to the police the couple set out with the children, but they realise that they won’t evade the law and they decide to give themselves up. Donna and Marlon are heartbroken when the kids are taken away from them and sent to different foster families.

Lisa realises that Belle is missing her schoolfriends and she decides to throw a makeshift ‘end of term’ Christmas party. The family jump out and surprise the young girl, but she’s unimpressed that none of her friends are there and she begs to go back to school.

Carl is keen to get hold of Chas, but she’s avoiding his calls and he decides to come home immediately. Tom warns Matthew and Jimmy to keep quiet about why Chas has moved out of Home Farm.