Now that her dodgy money-making scheme is back on, Donna meets up with Ross to give him the hoard of stolen jewellery that she nabbed from the police station. But when Ross returns, Donna’s disappointed by how much money he’s got for the loot, so she decides she will have to think big if she wants higher returns from her criminal activities…

When Charity discovered she was pregnant a month or so ago, she knew she didn’t want to be a mum again and initially tried to hide the pregnancy from Declan. But when he found out, she hatched a plan to have a termination and fake a miscarriage. So she gets a big shock when he suggests that they try for another baby! How will she get herself out of this one?

Unaware that Finn has been using his credit card, Declan’s confused when he sees payment made at a casino on his latest statement. Robbie, who knows what Finn’s been up to, decides to take the blame and is told to pack his bags and leave Home Farm. Where will he go?