Ross and Donna make their way to the house of Gary North, but just as they are about to break in, Ross bottles it because he can’t shake the feeling that he’s being set up! With no time to lose, Donna panics and breaks into the property herself and Ross follows her inside. After finding the stash, the pair make a run for it, but are almost caught by Gary as he returns home. After making off with the stash, Donna and Ross revel in their success and, getting caught up in the moment, the pair kiss!

After getting drunk while playing truth or dare with James, Chas has a hangover and feels guilty for not abiding by the rules of the game, especially where honesty is concerned! Later, Chas admits to James that she didn’t tell the truth about her son Aaron during the game and tells the story of how Adam started a fire at the garage and Aaron took the rap for him. When Chas then asks James if he has any secrets, but he says there are no skeletons in his closet. Who’s telling porkies now, James?

The Tour de France is soon to visit Yorkshire, and Amelia has to complete a school project related to the big event. When Kerry helps by filming the little girl riding her bike, which is blessed by vicar Harriet, she accidentally steps into the path of a cyclist, who is sent flying. Furious, the cyclist, Laurent, shouts at them in French as they help him up. Worried Laurent may sue, Kerry offers him a place to stay at their house. What will Dan think about that?