Donna and the students say no to smoking

Dan gets his students to make their own anti-smoking ads and Sunny sees the assignment as her last chance to prove that she can cope with the exchange program. She takes total control of what was Donna’s shoot, but the teens quickly realise that Sunny’s idea is a dud and they nominate Zeke to break the bad news.

Zeke resorts to drastic measures to get a vital prop for the shoot but Dan finds out about the theft and threatens to fail all the students in the group unless the culprit owns up.

Susan meets with Dr Olenski to discuss being Libby’s surrogate. Although she’s warned that the chances of success are slim, Susan vows to continue with the process. Karl is still greatly concerned for Susan’s health, but she won’t listen.

Paul is reluctant to fall back into old ways. He quits as editor of the paper, leaving a shocked Elle in charge. When an explosive story is literally dropped in his lap, Paul attempts to give it to Elle, but she uses it as a way to pressure him back into working for the paper. What he doesn’t know is that the story will cause huge controversy in the neighbourhood.

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